rooted expansion

Make space for the wonder, the magic and the mystery of who you really are.

Get the Support You Need to Heal and Grow

Rooted Expansion offers integrated holistic healing services through a diverse community of embodied heart centered practitioners across a range of specialties and modalities such as Life Coaching, Breath Work, Sound Healing, Astrology, Dreamwork, and so much more! We will call together a team of practitioners and curate a package specific to your needs, providing integrated support on your unique path of human evolution and transformation.

You are in the Right Place

Invitation to tune into how you feel as you explore our village and offerings. If you feel Truth bumps (commonly known as goosebumps), perhaps an alluring discomfort, intrigued or an inner calling please take the first step and we will meet you there. All you have to do is feel into your timing.

We Can Do This Together

Deepen Into YourSelf

Our Rooted Expansion practitioners provide different access points into the Truth of who you are via various modalities and the unique space we co-create together. Most who feel called to Rooted Expansion choose to journey with us through many phases and seasons of life, working with various practitioners and modalities over time. We deepen together. We expand together. We come into wholeness together. 

Meet Our Holistic Healing Community

Receive Integrated Support From Our Collective of Heart Centered Practitioners

Can You Hear the Call?

Regardless of your level of Readiness, the the key is to take the first step on your unique path, learn to enjoy the journey, and keep walking until you reach that point of completion when you have returned home to yourSelf, back to the beginning with a new and expanded perspective. We would be delighted to accompany you on the powerful journey over and over again. Our community is here to witness and support you through all phases and seasons of life and death.

Choose Your Level of Readiness and Explore Different Paths of Engagement

Self Paced

COMING SOON: Deepen your learning at a self-guided pace using our free and paid resources, including courses, audio offerings, and more.

Featured Group Offerings

Discover New Modalities for Growth

Spiral into Your Center

Is it time for your Rooted Expansion?

Are you ready to be deeply held by community? Are you ready to explore the universe within? Are you ready to look into unknown & forgotten places within?

We are always here to meet you when you’re ready.

If your timing is NOW, if there is a readiness to stretch your capacity and growth beyond what you can understand today, all you have to do is reach out. We will meet you there and intuitively work together to pair you with the right practitioner(s).

Are You Ready?

Free 30-Minute Discovery Session

Are you ready to explore your Rooted Expansion? Schedule a discovery session with our village guide. We are here, and ready to get to know you. Our role is to match you with practitioners in the Rooted Expansion community most aligned with your personalized goals. In this 30 minute call, you will meet with our village guide, have a conversation about what brings you to Rooted Expansion, and explore the next steps in your healing journey.