What is Astrology?

The word Astrology comes from the Greek words “Astros” and “Logos” which means the “Language of Celestial Bodies”. Astrology is a study that can lead to intimate self knowledge. Through learning about timing, energetic archetypes, and cycles, you can navigate decisions with a deeper understanding of other influential forces at play.

Rooted Expansion astrologers work with your astrological Mandala or Natal Chart, which is a snapshot of the moment you were born. This provides insightful context to your internal and external experiences. This symbolic context can act as a map to guide you to your Soul’s purpose or Soul-Self.

What does an Astrology Session Look Like?

Prior to the session you will submit a few important details such as birth date, time, & location. You will also have an opportunity to share 2-3 topics/themes you’d like your Astrologer to explore in your natal map. Our Astrologers will use that information to populate your Natal Chart and prepare for your reading. During the session arrive with space to receive. The session will start with an invocation and you’ll have an opportunity to share your intentions and what’s present before you start receiving insights around your birth chart, transits, and whatever else wants to reveal itself. The session will be a co-created process where your Astrologer will share important themes in your Natal chart and you will have a chance to ask questions and share reflections. Your session will be recorded on zoom so you can go back and reference it many times after your session.

Our astrologers offer readings in English, Portuguese, & Spanish.

May the universe guide you.