Our Community

We come into wholeness together.

Embracing the Spiral of Light

When plants grow towards the upper realms, they grow in a spiral. If you watch a time lapse of a growing plant you will see them spiraling towards the light. When we grow there can be the illusion that we are back in the same place again but the Truth is we have completed a cycle and are back with greater perspective and expanded awareness, ready to start the next journey and heed the next call. Our Rooted Expansion practitioner community is here to support you through many spirals of light, accompanying you through many seasons of life and death.

Meet the Rooted Expansion Team

Experience a Distinct Flavor from Each Practitioner

We each have a unique essence, it is our greatest gift! When we are young, in service of belonging and survival, parts of our essence gets dampened, covered up, and at times severed. As adults, the journey into authenticity is one of the most challenging and rewarding. Each of our practitioners, like you, is on their own journey of embodying pure essence. You will feel each of our essences and we will celebrate yours!

We are Rooted Expansion.


Co-Steward, Intuitive Coach, Guide, Doula, & Facilitator


Inertia & Gene Keys Coach


Astrologer, Dreamworker


Integral Coach & Rites of Passage Guide


Breath & Frequency Practitioner


Energy Worker and Sound Journeyer


4th Trimester Planning and Parent Guide


Co-Steward, Coach, & Village Guide


Energy Healer, Intuitive Channel, Mystic, Psychedelic Guide, Integration Coach


Cannabis-assisted Psychedelic Therapist & Breathwork Facilitator


Psychopomp & Rite of Passage Ceremonialist


Certified Co-Active Life Coach, Microdose Guide & Facilitator


Transformational Life Coach

We Truly Work and Grow Together

We are here walking alongside you, doing our own deep work because we know we can only support others as far as we have gone into ourselves. Our practitioners are committed to their own Rooted Expansion and deep work, always creating greater capacity to hold you as you grow.

All in one place. Together, we deepen, grow, and evolve, clients & practitioners alike.

Our Values

Commitment to Healing

Heart Centered




We choose sharing, community, and connection over separation and isolation.

What do You Choose?

Answering the call to do this deep work will stretch your capacity and growth beyond what you can understand today. It will involve your own Rooted Expansion.

What you can Expect from Our Community

A deep knowing that you are whole and complete. You do not need to be fixed, nothing is wrong with you. All you need is the compassionate space to remember and connect with the Truth of who you are. All of our practitioners will hold you with this deep inner knowing even when you forget that Truth. We are committed to cultivating a compassionate and loving space, offering deep presence and curiosity, inviting fun, levity, and play. We will work as an integrated team to support you. We offer an intuitive approach, with appropriate structure & boundaries, and an ability to hang out in the discomfort until spark and knowing appear.

We are here to make connections that have never been made before and change the fabric of reality through these connections.

Our Journey Together will Cultivate…

A deeper knowing, understanding and reverence of Self

Ability change with greater ease and grace

Confidence and Capacity in navigating the world

Agency and personal power

Embodied Trust and Faith





The Time is NOW

Are You Ready?

Free 30-Minute Discovery Session

Are you ready to explore your Rooted Expansion? Schedule a discovery session with our village guide. We are here, and ready to get to know you. Our role is to match you with practitioners in the Rooted Expansion community most aligned with your personalized goals. In this 30 minute call, you will meet with our village guide, have a conversation about what brings you to Rooted Expansion, and explore the next steps in your healing journey.