Inertia & Gene Keys Coach
I work with people on finding the value in the beginnings and endings in their lives.
"Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it."
- Haruki Murakami

Songs that speak through Blair’s Soul

Check out this playlist to deepen with Blair and get to know another layer of who she is.

How My Journey Began

Hello friends, my name is Blair Owens. I am located just outside of Longmont Colorado. I am the mother of an energetic 3 year old boy. I love to travel, cook, golf, and stir up magic in my apothecary.

I began my healing journey in my mid 20’s as a result of the onset of frequent and almost debilitating panic attacks. I spent the next 2 years with a practitioner using The Emotion Code to release the trapped emotions from my body. Through this healing, I began to shift how I look at the world and how I wanted to show up in it. I saw how my day to day grind and keeping up with the “Joneses” that I had so highly valued, was draining me. I began to ask what else was possible and what I was really meant to be doing with this life.

The Answers Came In Droves!

I found coaching in 2016 and discovered not only that the answers to all of my questions were within me, but how to find them! I learned the art of intuitive listening and how to ask the right questions. I was led to witness and value the little deaths, and the little rebirths that happen all throughout our lives. As I made peace and friends with new, change, and ends.

Inertia Coaching Was Born

Inertia Coaching focuses on giving energy to what is not moving, and changing the energy of what is no longer serving. Together we focus on discovering your greatest gifts and ways that you thrive, and use that to break the inertia you are ready to change.

The Gene Keys Found Me

When I learned about The Gene Keys in 2020, it became a perfect partner to Inertia Coaching. The contemplative journey through your genius, relationships, and prosperity, gently reveals the fears and shadows where we hide, and what gifts are possible from within those shadows. A journey in to one’s Gene Keys supplies compassionate, self forgiving guidance in to the depths of the deaths and births that change the Inertia of your life.

Being a Part of Rooted Expansion is the Next Answer on my Journey

Joining Rooted Expansion has been a beautiful opportunity to expand my self further as a coach as well as on my own healing journey. It came as an answer to my question ‘what would it look like to not do this alone?’

I cannot wait to meet you on the path, dear friend, and discover all of your beautiful gifts together.