Co-Steward, Coach, & Village Guide
I am a seeker who has followed the whispers of my heart. I am here to help you remember and embody your True Nature. I wish to support you in imagining and living your fullest and most aligned life.
“We're all just walking each other home.”
― Ram Dass

Songs that speak through Bailey’s Soul

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Bailey’s Story

My story is a long and winding tale, mostly because I have been a seeker for as long as I can remember. For some there is a before the awakening and an after the awakening. My journey has felt more like an endless hike, with countless peaks and valleys, each offering me a new vantage point. I have had awakenings, I have had dark nights of the soul, and I have had countless steps in between, all as important as the last.

Born to be Sensitive, Conditioned to Suppress

I was lucky enough to be born as an incredibly emotional person. I didn’t always see this as a gift though. Growing up as a curious empath had its share of internal challenges. Already emotional on my own, I had trouble distinguishing my emotions from others, creating even bigger feelings. Like every child, I wanted love. No matter how much love I received, a story emerged that because others weren’t comfortable with my emotions, there wasn’t room for them. I began to believe that the feelings and questions of my heart were bad and caused harm. Always being happy seemed like the only way to be accepted. People-pleasing and perfectionism started to take center stage.

At a very early age, I learned how to bury my emotions with tact; only on occasion would they completely take over my being. I learned to not ask the questions of my heart; only on occasion would they keep me up at night. I rarely felt my body; only on occasion would I become sick for days or weeks at a time. By the time I had reached early adulthood, those pesky occasional occurrences were tempered with more sophisticated manipulation and corrosive habits. Despite constantly betraying my heart, I never stopped hearing it. Even when it became quiet, I could hear its whisper, this isn’t it. After this weekend, after this year, after I get through college, I promised.

Radical Change, Radical Possibility

In 2014, things began to radically shift, and a three-year chapter gave my life a whole new shape. On one hand it was exciting and joyful; I moved to Denver, fell in love, discovered deeper friendships, explored spirituality, psychedelics, and consciousness, threw myself into yoga as a student and teacher, and found a comfortable and prosperous career. On the other hand, it was painful and full of grief; a very serious mental health struggle surfaced in someone I love, and my beloved grandpa died. Something shook me open during those three years, and my heart became louder. I could feel the vibrancy of what life could be. I’m not sure what allowed what during that time. Was it newfound love, or pain that refused to be buried that helped me hear my heart with greater clarity? Was it psychedelics and yoga or grief that allowed me to see glimpses of mySelf? I like to think it was all necessary.

Knock knock, it’s all those emotions you buried. Remember us?

2018 was the start of my Saturn’s Return. By then, with the diagnosis of my loved one, I had felt the impacts of mental health struggles. I thought, I would love to help people, and psychology was becoming more and more interesting to me. Meanwhile, riddled with fear of actually facing my own mental health, the pain I’d been burying for 26 years was calling most of the shots in my life. I became more rigid in my spiritual practices, using them to bury, bypass, and stay “happy.” I would come up with routines to keep everything in order, not realizing that my way of maintaining my mental health was really me avoiding my mental health. During a yoga workshop, I remember talking with a teacher when she said, “you should probably see a therapist.” I was irate. What’s that supposed to mean? What does she think I am here for? I don’t need a therapist; I should be a therapist. I totally spun out. She was right.

I started seeing a therapist that year. I was petrified. I had witnessed someone I love in complete despair because of their pain, how was I supposed to let myself feel mine? Didn’t I learn at such an early age there wasn’t room for my pain? Wasn’t being loved dependent on being happy? Once again, my heart started to whisper, it’s time to do this.

So I did. I began to feel portions of the pain I had been burying. I could see my practices more clearly; they had become my cleverly disguised shovels. I began to remember how much I am capable of feeling. A wild idea was planted and began to take root, what if this sensitivity is actually a gift?

On October 27, 2018, my birthday of all days, I found myself in another yoga workshop. The teacher said to the class, “you’re already whole and complete.” I wept because I felt the Truth in her statement. It was the first time I thought, what if there isn’t anything wrong with me? That question altered my path. It was like water to this seed that was starting to emerge, my sensitivity is my gift. The script flipped and with it my heart said YES!!! I began moving forward from wholeness, and my life took yet another shape.

Awakening Through Radical Love

By 2019, my heart began to open and the deep questions I had been silencing reemerged with great persistence. What’s the meaning of all of this? What is God? What’s beyond? What’s my purpose? I found myself in Rishikesh, India in search of answers

I looked for the Divine, and I found it everywhere. Children, mothers, friends, travelers, sadhus, dogs, the Ganges, sunrises, sunsets, paintings, and me. This love was bigger than anything I had felt, my heart opened more than I thought possible. I experienced for the first time what it felt like to be in love with life itself. This love poured out of me and back into me with profound intensity. I left India feeling like I had cleaned 10,000 pounds of energetic weight.

I came home from this healing experience able to see the divinity in everything and everyone, including myself. Before India, I thought only certain practices, teachers, lifestyles had the “answers” and were the “right” way. When I returned, I discovered that every person and experience had the potential for radical and healing love. My heart and mind opened. I saw the exquisite potential of life in each person and it reflected back to me the exquisite potential within myself.

The next two years were full of delight. I rode a blissful high from that radical awakening for quite some time. As the high started to taper, I knew it was time to root back into the earth and into my body. I learned the powerful art of groundedness and it influenced a new found confidence and deepening within my romantic partnership, friendships, and work life.

Until my Heart Screamed

My heart continued to quietly and persistently remind me of my dream to support others on their path toward self-discovery but life had found such an easeful rhythm. As I rang in the new year of 2021, life was ready for me to ditch the ease and find a new beat. The company I had been working with for the last five years changed ownership. The mission and culture began to change in a way that didn’t align. Urgency to move toward my dream reignited.

My career misalignment and my desire to pursue a healing profession weighed heavily, but I also couldn’t see a path forward. Internal turmoil began to boil by that summer and my heart shouted, It’s time for a change. You have more to offer this world. You are here to serve. I can remember the night I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I laid there awake in the dead of the night, tears silently streaming from my eyes. What am I doing with my life? I know I have something to offer the world, but what is it? Maybe I could be a coach?

A coach. What does a coach even do? So, I Googled, “Spiritual Life Coach Denver” and found Venture Beyond and its Founder, Jenna Sezionale Basilicato. I saw myself in Jenna’s story. She had found a new sense of self while traveling, she was working with psychedelics in healing ways, and I could feel her heart. Within a few days, she was my coach.

In that first coaching chapter, I set out with the intention to get clear on what I wanted to offer as a coach. What I thought would be a linear process, was anything but. As Jenna supported me with parts work, I discovered how frequently I was being hijacked by parts, disconnecting me from my heart, the source of my dreams, my medicine, my Truth, my True Nature. I became aware of many parts and the jobs they were burdened with in an effort to protect me. It was a long year of meeting, listening, and unburdening parts, but I left that year of coaching having the great gift of trust for mySelf.

Trust Fall

By Summer 2022, the universe was leaving me breadcrumb after breadcrumb. In June, I married my beloved partner in front of 100 of our closest loved ones. Our friend gave a speech and in it he said, “Bailey is a healer,” as nonchalantly as calling the sky blue. I looked around the room expecting some sort of reaction, but all I saw were nods of agreement. Here I was trying to convince myself I was worthy of this dream, but I was already living it.

A few weeks later, Jenna and I had the last coaching session. “In the fall, I want to keep working together and focus on me becoming a coach,” I told her.
“When you’re ready, I want to tell you more about Rooted Expansion,” she replied. Yet another breadcrumb.

Fall came, and with it more readiness to live the life of my dreams. Over the next six months, I did the work through 1:1 coaching, group work, and sitting with plant medicine. A new kind of conviction erupted from my heart. By February my prayers were clear and my trust was strong. I knew that if I left my job and gave myself space, my path to offer the unique medicine of my heart would be clear. I gave my notice and began to trust fall into the unknown.

Pinch Me

A week after my last day Jenna and I met and she shared all that was unfolding with Rooted Expansion. Its mission, its values, the pilot team’s efforts, the launch plan, and with an inspiring amount of trust, she invited me into the container she had been creating for the last two years. Without hesitation, I dove headfirst into supporting Rooted Expansion and its launch. Rooted Expansion was an answer to a living prayer, effortless to support and create within. It was a container in which I could walk alongside others on their journey, but I didn’t have to do it alone. I belonged. As we approached the launch the final breadcrumb appeared when Jenna shared, “I would love to have a Co-Founder in this, I don’t want to hold this alone.” Rooted Expansion was born May 19th, 2023. On May 20th, Jenna and I decided to steward the vision as partnering Co-Founders.

From a simple Google search, to becoming a steward of the incredible vision of Rooted Expansion, my wildest dreams could have never guessed the twists and turns of the story still unfolding. When I set out to make space and trust that exactly what’s meant for me will find me, I could have never imagined such sweet alignment. I am so grateful.

Serving the Medicine of my Heart

I am a coach, a Village Guide, and a steward of Rooted Expansion because I believe we are all worthy of feeling the fullness of our lives and the medicine of our hearts. I am here because I know the pain of fear, of feeling lost, of needing help, of forgetting my True Nature. I am here because I also know the magic of persisting through the pain and the unfathomable potential on the other side.

I am here to support you in remembering your True Nature. I am here to walk alongside you through the hike: its peaks and valleys, awakenings, dark nights, and the important steps in between. You are whole and complete. You are worthy of all the fullness of life. You are worthy of your heart’s medicine. You are worthy to dream the most beautiful dream and you don’t have to do it alone.

Whether I have the honor of walking with you as a coach, Village Guide, or Rooted Expansion steward, it’s a gift I will treasure. It takes courage to listen to your heart and I am lucky to know any person with that courage.

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Integration Session
Session Length: 60 Minutes

This offering is for anyone who has undergone a powerful ceremony, a peak experience, or anything that has challenged you and pulled you beyond your ordinary realms. Integration is key for truly absorbing and metabolizing intense or extraordinary experiences by understanding and embodying their teachings. In our time together we will ground your experience and give you frameworks and practices for ongoing integration of whatever openings have arisen so that their gifts can more easily flourish in your day to day life.

Cost: $150
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Manifestation Practice
Session Length: 2, 60-Minute Sessions
Accessing the well of desire within is sometimes easier said than done. Manifesting Your Dream Life consists of two 60-minute coaching sessions, the first focuses on accessing your heart and its deepest desires, after this call you will take 30 days to follow a daily manifestation practice, and we will meet again for the second session where you will share your dreams and be witnessed in calling it into existence.
Cost: $222
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Space Healing
Session Length: 2-3 Hours
Whether you’ve been in your home or place of business for many years, or are just beginning a new chapter there, Space Blessing and Intention Setting is a beautiful way to ceremonialize and imbue your dreams into your space. This 2 hour ceremony cleanses the space and you by ritualizing release of what no longer serves using the elements as our guides; we then weave in dreams of what the space will support through intention setting, oracle cards, and altar setting.
Cost: $333-$444
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