Co-Steward, Intuitive Coach, Guide, Doula, & Facilitator
I create sacred space to connect with the Truth of who you are, invite curiosity around what is getting in the way ultimately coming into greater ease and wholeness.
“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.”
- Richard Bach

Songs that speak through Jenna’s Soul

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Jenna’s Story

I have now traveled many heroine’s journeys. I know what it means to hear a call, answer the call, and descend into the underworld of my psyche. The parts of my psyche that haven’t seen the light of my consciousness in a long time. Those parts of Self that are most unknown can be the most petrifying: shame, fear, insecurity, unworthiness, deep pain, deep Truth. I have looked in the nooks and crannies of my being, places I didn’t even know were there and have welcomed them into the wholeness of my Light. I have often returned from these quests a weary traveler, weakened, humbled, lighter and so incredibly grateful to return home again.

Kicked Out of the Nest

The first call in adulthood kept getting louder and louder because at that time I didn’t know how to listen. I was hiding in many places of my life; codependent relationships, a job that wasn’t for me, escaping in excess, just to name a few. I was attached and grasping to hold on to what I thought I had, to what I thought was me. Numbing to avoid the Truth of my experience. Clinging to perceived safety and security. I didn’t know then that anything True cannot be given or taken. The universe got more and more destructive, manifesting chaos in my life. I see now, she was simply shaking what was time to go. I was kicked out of the nest. The details don’t matter anymore. The bio I wrote in 2019, shared more about the sex and pornography addiction that was revealed in my partner at the time, the repressed sexual trauma in me, the binge drinking… So much has changed now, all the places I have traveled to within myself have created freedom. This part of my life feels like a distant dream, a different life. The details no longer feel like a central piece of my story.

Learning to Listen

From this first shaking & crumbling, I started to learn how to listen. I started to learn what it means to surrender. I left my corporate job of 7 years in 2017, bought a one way ticket to Indonesia and wandered for a year and half, “quiet, endless searching” for what I know now was the Truth of who I am. In this year and half, I heard the call of Ayahuasca which forever changed me. I started to deepen into the plant medicine path, working and living at an Ayahuasca Center in Peru. I heard the call to serve. At first I thought, “I’m going to help so many people.” At the time, I had no idea how much serving others would change and shape me, that clients are my teachers dictating the curriculum of mystery school within me. I’m an excellent student, always learning and integrating the lessons Life gives me. I now know how reciprocal and generative it is to serve. I heard the call to conscious friendships and partnership. I’m about to embark on a heroine’s journey into Sacred Union and conscious conception. I continue to deepen on all these paths, the lessons never end and it’s because I love learning. I am grateful for my life and everything in it. I am living my dream life today. It is so delicious.

Releasing the Grip of Suffering

With each cycle of the heroine’s journey I’ve been on and will continue to walk, I am humbled more and more. I am learning to listen now without kicking and screaming. I am learning to listen now with presence. I am learning to listen and move through the world in right timing. I am learning the difference between moving from ego vs. spirit and the fruits born from the two. I am learning to notice who within/through me is talking. Who is the one asking the questions? I am learning to embrace the wholeness of things. I am learning to embody Rooted Expansion.

I Am With You

In my path of service and receiving, I grow with my clients, my fellow path walkers. I started as a coach, became a guide, a group facilitator, a birth doula and many more things that cannot be contained in these identities. I am here to walk with you through many seasons and phases of life. This is my calling. I am an initiator. I am a way shower. I will be here when you feel like you are ready to know the magnificence of who you are. I am here to walk with you when you are ready to start looking in the places you’ve abandoned. I am here when you are ready to honor yourself in Truth. I am here when you are ready to venture beyond the illusions, distortions, reflections and projections that separate you from your True Self. I am here when you are ready to receive yourSelf.

This Life is for YOU

It’s okay to be scared. It’s a big deal. Fear moves through me most times I hear a call. I used to not know my fear but now I listen. Fear lets me know what parts of myself I need to gather and how to prepare for the journey that can never be prepared for. I sometimes cry because I know it’s time to let go of something I’ve held dear. Sometimes I know what it is and sometimes I don’t. What I do know, is that what is coming, is for me. It is coming to liberate me so that I may live the life I came here to live. I have Faith and Trust now. I feel the magnitude of what is being asked. I choose Life. I choose Light. I choose Love. What do you choose? I’d be honored to walk alongside you on your emerging path.

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Integration Session
Session Length: 60 Minutes
This offering is for anyone who has undergone a powerful ceremony, a peak experience, travel, plant medicine, or anything that has challenged you and expanded you beyond your ordinary realms of being. Integration is key in the process of Becoming, i.e. truly absorbing and metabolizing experiences having them become a part of who you are and how you move through the world. In our time together we will ground your experience and give you frameworks and practices for ongoing integration of whatever openings have arisen so that their gifts can more easily flourish in your day to day life.
Cost: $150
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