Astrologer, Dreamworker
By using the astrological natal chart as a compass, I can help people become more aware of their unique gifts, while still holding space for whatever challenges might be most present on their path. I’m a Soul-Centered Astrologer who is fascinated by the intersection of Psychology, Astrology & Dreamwork. I’m a lifelong student of the esoteric, and I’ve been studying Archetypal, Psychological & Esoteric Astrology.
“The starry vault of heaven is in truth the open book of cosmic projection…”
- Carl Jung

My Astrological Journey:

I’ve been studying Archetypal, Psychological & Esoteric Astrology since 2017 when I gifted myself my first Astrological Session for my 29th birthday. From the first moment I laid my eyes on the ancient wonders of the Astrological wheel, I knew I had to serve through this profound tool.
Astrology is an Intuitive Science that can help us become more aware of our unique gifts to the world, and it can also bring clarity to the challenges that repeatedly cycle through our lives at various growth points. Astrology can help us become aware of what lessons are most important to us in this particular life phase, and encourage us to accept and align with those tests.
My Psychological training in Transpersonal, Depth Psychology & Trauma Studies allows for me to understand the Astrological symbols in a person’s Natal Chart as a map for psychological development, individuation, and spiritual growth.
I don’t believe in Astrology, I experience Astrology. And so can you…

My Dreamwork Exploration:

In addition to Astrology sessions, I also offer dreamwork sessions where we access powerful dream images as our guides into our unconsciousness. Our dream world is filled with abundant knowledge about our current psychological processes, our past traumas, and future goals/visions.

Instead of interpreting the dream, I’m trained in two modalities, Embodied Imagination & Dream Tending, that awaken dream images and emotions, and through this work, we embody them in our waking world. Dreamwork allows for the dream to remain alive and travel from our unconscious to our conscious selves. This work can deeply transform us.

The Integration:

The intersection of Psychology, Astrology & Dreamwork is where my heart and soul expand. It is where I feel called to serve and connect with others in their healing and growth journeys.

As a world traveler, I’m passionate about serving a global community, and I’m also deeply connected to my Brazilian homeland offering Astrology readings in both English and Portuguese.

My “big 3” Astrological energies: Sun in Aries, Moon in Leo & Rising in Cancer.

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Dreamwork Session
Session Length: One 30-minute prep session + One 75-minute dreamwork session
In this 2-part dreamwork sessions, we’ll create a safe vessel for you to explore the depth of your dream images, and amplify their connection in your life. We’ll first begin with a 30 introductory session so we can get to know each other and you’ll also learn more about the flow of my dreamwork sessions. The second session will be a 75-minute Dreamwork session, where we’ll connect to your dream, and I’ll be weaving various Dream modalities including Dream Tending and Embodied Imagination.
Cost: $175
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Astrology Session
Session Length: 60 Minutes
In this Astrology session, we’ll explore the numerous layers of your Astrological Natal Chart, including your Sun, Moon, Rising energies, and any other key planetary archetypes in your chart. The Natal Chart is a 2D chart of the sky the moment you were born, and through this multilayered consciousness map, you’ll be able to gain a clearer understanding of your gifts and challenges for this lifetime, and also ways in which you can more deeply connect to your soul’s path. Astrology can help you feel more accepting of who you are in truth.
Cost: $250
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