Death Doula and Grief Guide
I believe that we—and all things—are interconnected, and therefore the power of personal healing has the ability to impact the whole.

Hi, I’m Marilynn

I’m a death doula and grief guide who supports others in learning about conscious living and dying.

Here’s the most recent version of my story:

My soul’s essence is deeply rooted in play, truth, connection with all that is, and a desire for deep intimacy. To this point, a lot has needed to happen to ensure these qualities are present in my life. My journey has included death, rebirth, and the learning of shedding societal conditioning to rediscover, embrace, and cultivate connection with my authentic Self.

Awakening to Self

From a young age I expressed love openly and authentically, and I valued the gifts of choice and expression. As I grew, I was conditioned to quiet my truth and to behave, speak, and present in ways that were deemed societally appropriate. The more my truth was buried, the more I sought to understand myself through the lens of others’ lives.

The professional structure of this became more apparent in the summer of 2000 when I obtained a degree in counseling and human services which provided a platform to feel, see, and know the internal worlds of others to better understand my own. Then In 2008, as a graduate student in a forensic psychology program, in an act of “coincidence,” I began work as a death investigator.

This was where things got interesting. While on the surface, it appeared as though I was learning about being a death investigator; what it meant to be with people in crisis and intense grief as well as how to care for the dead within the structure and system of the coroner’s office. At each death scene, I was actually exposed to how people lived and thus came to be deceased which, I discovered, was witnessing human beings in relationship with consciousness.

Uncovering Truth

I realized that we die the way that we live and that this can present in countless ways, a few of which include:

Surrounded by people we love and who love us

Alone and/or isolated

Smothered in drugs and/or alcohol

At our own hand, by our own means

Parallel this, when I was in my late 30s, I realized a vital piece was missing from my life. As I witnessed others in relationship to raw emotion, life, and death, I learned about what it meant to be in relationship with consciousness, and I discovered I had lost touch with myself and my truth and that I was living a very unconscious life.

Unraveling Conditioning

My path to reclaiming authenticity was not without challenges. I confronted deep seated conditioning that led me to wear masks, hide parts of myself, and disconnect from my emotions and body. Through introspection and deconditioning, I became aware of patterns, behaviors, and coping mechanisms that kept me from what matters most to me: play, truth, connection with all that is, and deep intimacy.

The journey to rediscovering myself required significant upheaval. I courageously dismantled the structures of my life, including my career, relationships, and my marriage. Each step toward what was true for me brought both pain and liberation. I was confronted by my deepest fears, insecurities, and uncertainties head on.

Rebirth and Realignment

On the other side of this transformation, I feel free. I choose to live in gratitude and love, in presence and flow. The relationships that remained were reshaped and are supportive to this version of me that’s grounded in truth and alignment with my innermost Self.

Conscious Living and Dying

Along this path, I’ve learned that we are more than just physical beings. We are mental, emotional, and spiritual beings too. We encounter chances to become fully present and develop an understanding of the reasons behind our actions and connections.

When I support people in creating conscious living and dying practices, we focus on all parts of their lives, not just what’s happening in the mind or what we think our body needs to do for us to move through life. Conscious living incorporates our awareness of how we experience things mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually and encourages choice in the moment of what feels good to us internally versus what we’ve been conditioned to believe or do by external authorities.

When we’re engaged in conscious living, it’s normal to experience “little deaths”. These natural endings in life lead to new beginnings. The regular practice of conscious living prepares us for conscious physical death.

How do you know if you need support?

  • Is there something that feels out of balance in your life?
  • Is there a place where you’d like something to be different? Perhaps at work or in relationships but you’re not sure how to make the changes and get them to stick?
  • Is there a felt sense that something is missing or isn’t right, a grinding that exists just under the surface?
  • Maybe there’s simply a desire to know yourself more or feel more connected to others and the world?

Invitation to Connection

As someone who has experienced the depths of transformation and has supported others through their own journeys, I find it fulfilling to be with people and their most difficult moments. It’s a privilege to meet others where they are and walk with them through the experience of what they’re experiencing and facing.

If you resonate with any of these questions, I invite you to embark on this journey with me. Let’s explore where you are and where you’d like to be. Schedule a discovery call, and let’s walk together in your Rooted Expansion.

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