Integral Coach & Rites of Passage Guide
I work with people in many areas of change and transformation, such as navigating life transitions, working with grief, and supporting emotional and psycho-spiritual development and wellbeing.
“One wants to change precisely into oneself, into more of oneself than one has been able to be so far.”
— Eugene Gendlin

Songs that speak through Kinde’s Soul

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Kinde’s Story

My story is both universal and unique . . .

I am the daughter of Mormon pioneers and German immigrants, people of adventurous and hard-working nature. I was born in Utah, early in the 1960’s — a time of cultural upheaval when a new consciousness began to erupt on planet earth. Though I was a child at its apex, this era of free love and peace-not-war imprinted itself in my psyche.

I had a questioning mind from an early age and wanted to know more than my family and culture could offer — and so in limitless, unsatiated curiosity, the journey of my life began.

A Healer by Design

After time in San Francisco working as a graphic designer, I returned to Utah in my late 20’s and worked until my early 50’s in my own design business. I loved design and taught at the University of Utah for a number of years, opening younger minds to the hidden-in-plain-sight principles of negative space, visual rhythm, balance and unity & variety; to the process of designing, and how our human bodies move through and make sense of designed spaces.

A New Path Emerges

I was drawn to climbing. At 36, I married a British alpinist, 14 years my senior, and we traveled around the world, climbing rock cliffs and trekking in big mountains. I was especially impacted by the Tibetan Buddhist culture and mind-blowing magnificence of the Himalaya in Northern India and Nepal, traveling there a number of times.

Self Discovery

All the while, I was investigating my inner self and the world of the unseen — of energy and spirit. Meditation drew me in my mid-thirties and I began an evolving practice that continues to this day. Driving home after my second ten-day Vipassanna retreat in Joshua Tree, I had to pull off the road somewhere in Nevada, walk into a grassy field and sit there as ecstacy coursed through my body and the late afternoon light exploded into surreal vibrancy in my brain.

Then mid-life hit at 42 and slammed me down hard! I left my beloved husband and began a great descent into grief, which lasted nearly a decade. My path led to the underworld and all the richness, sensitivity and depth that intense inner suffering and continued small awakenings can cultivate, as I sought to understand and heal.

Finding Purpose and Truth

Eventually I was led away from my 35+ year career as a designer and into my soul’s purpose — rooting myself in contemporary pan-cultural rites of passage ceremony (which I have guided for almost a decade) and studying & practicing many other subjects & healing modalities such as Transpersonal Psychology and Ecopsychology, Focusing, Reiki, Community Grief Tending, Tonglen, Integral Theory, plant medicine, and Integral Coaching, to name a few.

Now beginning the 60s of my life, I can see an entire landscape spread out below me. Now I know there are sadly no ‘islands where it all works out’; that the deep valleys of sorrow and canyons of being lost, high peaks of spiritual insight and flat plains of everyday living are one inseparable territory — and are all critical to the soul’s development. I know this whole landscape can be an inspiring adventure if traversed with awareness, and company. I also know life is not a solo journey. We are inextricably interwoven with each other and with all the beings and elements of the earth. We need each other.

Sharing the Gift of Authenticity

I know my human wounds and foibles, and I feel the power of my ever-unfolding gifts. I was born to serve in these times of massive change; to be here to guide and support all those who feel drawn to what I have to offer.

In a shared space of sacred relationship, we can explore your soul’s path of evolution together; beyond the culturally conditioned norms of thinking and behaving, through the dark weirdness beyond the first emergence out of the Matrix, toward the liberation and peace that is your birthright.

I look forward to hearing your story.

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Nature Medicine Walk
Session Length: 2, 60-Minute Sessions
An introduction and remembering of our profound connection with nature and why it is so important for our wellbeing and wholeness. Includes simple ecopsychology practices and an offering of how to do a nature medicine walk. This include one, 60-minute preparation session and a 60-minute integration session.
Cost: $300
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Integration Session
Session Length: 60 Minutes
This offering is for anyone who has undergone a powerful ceremony, a peak experience, or anything that has challenged you and pulled you beyond your ordinary realms. Integration is key for truly absorbing and metabolizing intense or extraordinary experiences by understanding and embodying their teachings. In our time together we will ground your experience and give you frameworks and practices for ongoing integration of whatever openings have arisen so that their gifts can more easily flourish in your day to day life.
Cost: $150
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Meditation Coaching
Session Length: 60 Minutes
Have you begun or are thinking of starting a meditation practice, or have you been meditating for some time and could use re-inspiration? This hour session will clarify the purpose, mechanics and possibilities of this ancient practice, meeting you where you are.
Cost: $150
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Ancestral Healing
Session Length: 90 Minutes
An introduction to the concept and process of ancestral healing and what it can open in you, and in the collective. For anyone who senses trauma or disconnection in their family line. You will take away an experience of the process and some practices to engage, to build and illuminate your relationship with your ancestors.
Cost: $175
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