Breath & Frequency Practitioner
I work with those who are in transitions of life, healing from trauma, remembering how to be in their body and seeking a conscious container to access & release stored emotions.
"Our whole spiritual transformation brings us to the point where we realize that in our own being, we are enough."
- Ram Dass

Songs that speak through Ariana’s Soul

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All About Ariana

Hi there, I’m Ariana.

I’m a Leo Sun, Cancer Moon and Virgo Rising. I’m also an Expansive Breathwork Facilitator and a Frequency Practitioner. I support deep transformation through Reiki, Sound Healing, Tarot, Breath Work and combinations of these modalities.

I offer Breath Work and Frequency Healing so we may all find a calm moment to just BE. To be a human in all its beautiful totality and give ourselves permission to not know the “why”. Our incredible minds are built to create the questions, and our even more incredible bodies hold the answers we seek.

Ariana’s Journey

My journey began with a deep desire for tools I could use in my own healing journey. My community graciously recommended a number of traditional avenues, many of which required the mind’s participation, and while I learned much I knew I needed to find my own way without knowing what I was looking for.

I then entered the world of somatic healing. Since finding Reiki years ago, I’ve been following my intuition as I’ve healed, cried, gotten lost, found myself again, died little deaths and more. It was this deep inner knowing that called me to keep following my intuition when I picked up my first sound bowl, and again when I felt the depth of healing that breathwork could offer. Each time I’ve listened to my inner knowing without understanding the “why,” I’ve opened up to more than I ever could have imagined. With each step toward the call within, I have found pieces of myself I had thought were lost and I have learned new skills to share with the world.

The same inner knowing has called me into Rooted Expansion. Rooted Expansion is a community of heart centered beings, holding each other as we venture within. All of us deserve to be held, heard and seen just as we are. Rooted Expansion is a safe harbor in the middle of a stormy sea. This is a place where you can rest from the storm and not be alone.

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Private Breathwork Group Session
Session Length: 3, 90 Minute Session

A three-part series dedicated to both introducing and deepening your breathwork practice, including intention setting/what to expect, active breathing, and integration. Connect with your body and experience a sense of what’s possible. This series builds on itself, offering a spacious unfolding to integrate all that arises and truly ground into yourSelf.
This can be scheduled virtually or in person at your home.

Cost: $380
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Sound Healing Intro Session
Session Length: 60 Minutes

This session is a wonderful opportunity to explore how Sound Healing can benefit you on your journey. Everything around us in this world holds a unique vibration, including you. By utilizing different vibrations in an intentional setting, your body can rest and reset. Together we will drop into the space, you’ll lie down in a comfortable position, I’ll guide you through a meditative journey of relaxation and we will have time after for integration.

This session is best scheduled in person at your home, and it can also be virtual. If you’d like to travel to us, there is an extra $40 fee.

Cost: $120-$160
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Breathwork Intro Session
Session Length: 60 Minutes

This introduction to breathwork is an opportunity to explore the power of guided intentional breathing for the first time, or to deepen your practice. Together we will drop into the space, I’ll guide you through active breathing and we’ll have time after to integrate the experience. This session is a beautiful step in experiencing how guided intentional breathing can assist you, wherever you may be.

This can be scheduled virtually or in person at your home. If you’d like to travel to us, there is an extra $40 fee.

Cost: $80-$120
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