Cannabis-assisted Psychedelic Therapist & Breathwork Facilitator
I support Friends on the Path with curiosity, non-judgement, and compassion as they explore how past experiences are impacting them today. I create trauma-informed and grounded containers for expansive journeys that offer new perspective, self-love, empowerment, and connection with the body’s divine wisdom.
“Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them.” -Steve Marabo

Songs that speak through Joe’s Soul

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Joe’s Story

My journey of self-discovery began in 2019 after an expansive plant medicine experience in Costa Rica. After that journey, I became aware of the veil that was in the space between how I was showing up in my life and my Original Self – the most authentic, true me that I came into this world as before the stories, trauma, and limiting beliefs took hold. Once I knew there was a veil, I couldn’t un-know it and I dove into exploring the inner space. What came next was eye opening in ways I didn’t know was possible and it provided the opportunity for me to get really honest with myself on why I was doing things that were not in alignment with what I wanted in my life.

Looking for Answers

One such thing was realizing how much I was looking outside myself for the “answer” of how to “fix” what was wrong with me. This led to self-criticism and negative self talk, which took me further from the Truth – that there is nothing to fix and that the path forward lies within, not without. There was a time in my life when I was really mean to myself intentionally, thinking that would be the necessary motivation for me to succeed. While this wasn’t the healthiest approach, it did serve me for a time, until it didn’t. But how could I change this deeply embedded internal habit, especially after it worked so well for me for so long?

Coming Home

For me, the path forward was learning how to navigate the inner space in the context of parts – pieces of my subconscious that had been siphoned off from my being over the years due to survival strategies. I’ve slowly gotten to know my inner parts and have established relationships with each of them so that they can feel safe integrating back into my full being. This is what is meant by “coming home.” Getting really curious about these parts, understanding them, their motivations, their feelings and needs, and then getting into right relationship with them. It has and continues to be a journey of shedding stories, beliefs, and layers that no longer serve me ultimately bringing me closer to the truth of who I am – my Original Self (OS). Now I have a very clear visual I return to often which is my OS at the head of a U-shaped table and all my parts are sitting along the rest of the table. A huge element of my healing has been accepting that all parts get to be at the table, all of them, always. They don’t go away and the journey is not getting rid of them, like I used to believe. Even the ones I have difficulty loving, especially these. They all have a gift and are acting out in an attempt to protect me. There are times when we deliberate, when a part gets extra loud and needs attention and/or reparenting, and times when only my OS is speaking. For me, it is a dance of continually choosing to act, speak, and live from the head of the table and whenever I notice I’m not, taking the space and time to get quiet, get curious, and listen to which part needs my love.

Tapping into the Body’s Wisdom

The last few years have been the most aligned, blissful, and expansive of my life. Along this journey I became certified in trauma-informed Breathwork and credentialed, through the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness out of Boulder, in Cannabis-assisted Psychedelic Therapy (CAPT). These two modalities, CAPT and Breathwork, have been powerful in helping me connect to the feelings, sensations, and emotions stored in my body. Both of these approaches are somatic (body-based). I take a somatic approach with all those I work with as I believe tapping into the divine wisdom in the body is the way.

Exploring the Tolerable Edge

All ceremonies are a concentrated analogy of what you’re feeling in life and the medicine space provides the opportunity to interact with and get to know those feelings. When you journey with me, think of it as me being your co-pilot, in the passenger seat, with you at the helm driving. Together we’ll navigate the subconscious at a pace that feels accessible, going only as fast as the slowest part of you feels safe to go. With me as your guide, we get to explore the “tolerable edge” of your nervous system and emotions, meaning what may be uncomfortable/unknown but still feels safe. Especially with trauma-work but also in general, I believe that the most profound healing lies in our ability to gently meet our edges at a pace that feels good for your body, and never pushing past that. With both CAPT and Breathwork ceremonies, I help you take what is experienced in those journeys and integrate it into everyday life. Then, being closer to those feelings after an experience, you are better able to incorporate them into your non-medicine spaces and create lasting change.

My Approach

I am trained in Polyvagal Theory and incorporate elements of this approach into my work, focusing on the state of the nervous system. The more attuned we are to our nervous system, the easier it is to interpret the information our body is sending us. From this place we are empowered to make choices, take action, and fully own our lives! When appropriate, I also layer in elements of masculine/feminine polarity. Masculine and feminine energies reside within all of us, regardless of gender, and knowledge about the needs of each informs our approach to relationship with self and other.

Together We Rise

We are in the middle of a consciousness renaissance and it is a wonderful time to be alive. If you are reading this and considering if working together is right for you then you are already on the path and I honor you. I do this work because it is my soul’s calling. This is the thread I weave on the tapestry of this renaissance and it would be an honor to support you wherever you are on your journey. Together we rise.

Schedule a One-Off Session with Joe

Breathwork Session
Session Length: 60-90 Minutes

Experience the power of connecting to your breath from the comfort of your own home or physically in the same room as Joe.

In this session we will ground into an intention for the session, actively breathe, then have time for integration at the end. For those looking to connect with their bodies and experience a sense of what’s possible. This session is for those who’ve experienced breathwork and are looking to connect to the breath in a new way as well as for those who are curious about breathwork.

Cost: $80-$120
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Private Breathwork Group Session
Session Length: 3, 90 Minute Session

A three-part series dedicated to both introducing and deepening your breathwork practice, including intention setting/what to expect, active breathing, and integration. Connect with your body and experience a sense of what’s possible. This series builds on itself, offering a spacious unfolding to integrate all that arises and truly ground into yourSelf.
This can be scheduled virtually or in person at your home.

Cost: $380
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Private Group Cannabis Ceremony
Session Length: 3 Hours
This is an intimate event where friends and family get to experience the transformational power of Cannabis, breathwork, and heart coherence. Combining these two modalities creates a powerfully unique experience that is centered around your private group. Breathing with Cannabis with friends or family in this personal container creates a heart-opening experience. Includes sharing within your group before and time at the end to integrate together, strengthening your collective connection. Hosted at my home in Thornton, maximum capacity of 6.
Cost: $300-$500
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Psycholytic Cannabis Ceremony
Session Length: 2 Hours
We call on the plant ally Cannabis as a catalyst for feeling the effects of the medicine while retaining control over your thoughts and emotions, allowing for manageable dialogue. Typically less intense than a psychedelic Cannabis journey, this is meant to be a “handshake” with the plant which provides space for you to become familiar with a sacred Cannabis ceremony. For those interested in intentional Cannabis use as a tool of transformation and deeper inner knowing.
Cost: $250
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Private Breathwork Group Session
Session Length: 2 Hours
This is an intimate event where friends and family get to experience the transformational power of breathwork and heart coherence. Breathing together in this personal container creates a level of comfortability and safety which may lower the barrier of entry for those curious to try breathwork but are reluctant to try a public group event. Includes sharing within your group before the breathing and time at the end to integrate together, strengthening your collective connection. Hosted at my home in Thornton, maximum capacity of 6.
Cost: $200-$400
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