4th Trimester Planning and Parent Guide
Community-based, intentional, Mother-centered, nurtured care during the sacred window is an investment that betters humanity.
Children have an absorbent mind. They absorb knowledge from the environment without fatigue. [...] This is the moment in the life of man when we can do something for the betterment of humanity and further brotherhood.
– Maria Montessori

The Descent: The Reality I Faced When I Became a Mother

I started my own journey on the Motherhood path by birthing my first daughter in America, which led me to experience an extreme shock and trauma by societal expectations of me to go back to work immediately. In contrast, in my home country maternity leave is three years long, and that was what I was expecting for myself: a three year long journey into motherhood. I believe this mindset allowed at that time to slow down, to go inward, to be present with my baby, and in unhurried manner re-emerge into my new identity as a Mother. However, I was faced by the American urgency and its message to bounce back, to get back to work and be productive, effective, strong superhuman., I believe that witnessing and being immersed in my home country’s culture, thankfully, created a sort of a protective buffer from the American hysteria and disregard for the Mother.

The Split: The Story my Body Remembers

I grew up in Kazakhstan, and Community And a village-based culture. Growing up, I saw my aunts, my cousins being cared for by family and friends during the first 40 days after having a baby. I saw almost mysterious sacredness in how they were tending to the mother, who brought a life, a continuation to the family line, a carrier of the family bloodline forward. Of course babies in my culture are highly valued and regarded (especially boys), during the first 40 days of confinement the mother is regarded as the queen, who deserves special care, pampering and being enveloped in warmth and love, protected from the outside world and all forms of negativity.

The Treasures: My Healing Redemption

I believe that later, after the birth of my twins, the visit of my own Mama from Kazakhstan, brought about a deep redemption that body, my psyche, my spirit so longed to reclaim. In my Mama’s loving hands as if I became a newborn baby myself, I experienced a lot of care as she bathed me, fed me, warmed me by massaging and wrapping me up, tucking me in to rest. While outside of my home I felt completely overlooked and underappreciated by the American society

An Underworld: A Preparation for the Work

As time went on, the impact I felt throughout the decade of birthing and re-emerging into the world as a mother of one, two, four children, I felt the path of a postpartum caregiver was calling me. I felt compelled to become the one who mothers the mother, so that she then can mother her baby. To pursue this as my next chapter I completed two major postpartum doula training. One of them is an Ayurveda-based postpartum caregiver year-long course and another one is a physiological postpartum doula training. I have sat at the feet of the matriarchs who are building a new culture, a new paradigm of motherhood here in America. I soaked in their wisdom, which deeply resonated and reminded me of my own roots. As a Mother, I also felt celebrated, acknowledged, and cherished.

The Return: Coming into The Work

As a mother of four children myself, I have experienced the shadow side of the collective in how it sees motherhood and the creative force of a woman to conceive, nurture, create, grow and birth life. In my DNA, I remember that there can be a different path.
Today I am a postpartum caregiver and guide, tending to mothers during the immediate 6-weeks postpartum and beyond. Through bodywork, circle facilitation, workshops and parenting education and support I offer a space and time for birth integration and transformation to occur in a gentle, most meaningful way.

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