Energy Healing

What is Energy Healing?

Energy work, also known as Reiki, is an ancient Japanese practice that harnesses the power of energy healing. Practitioners of Reiki employ a technique known as palm healing or hands-on healing, but can also send this energy virtually across long distances. This method involves the transmission of a vital life force, often referred to as “universal energy,” from the practitioner’s palms to the recipient, facilitating a harmonious balance and promoting emotional as well as physical well-being. By channeling this transformative energy, Reiki aims to nurture the body and spirit, encouraging profound healing experiences.

What does an Energy Healing Session Look Like?

Rooted Expansion practitioners offer 30-45 minute 1:1 energy healing sessions both in person and virtual. In person sessions are available in Denver and involve the practitioner coming to your home. For virtual sessions we ask that you find a quiet space either laying down or sitting up for the duration of the session. At the end of the session, your practitioner will support you in integrating what emerged during the session and send you a follow up email with their notes.