Sacred Womb Heart Activations

What are Sacred Womb-Heart Activations?

This energetic modality works with life force energy (Kundalini) to reroute, reconnect and assist in the unwinding of patterns that are held in the body. The use of touch and sound can help the body calibrate to receive more, and start to clear out old paradigms that the body has held onto. This can be an activation of a new operating system. Reconnecting the womb to the heart and reconnecting the mind to the body creating a more unified field of coherence. We have a very interdependent system, one piece always affects another. From the top down, bottom up, deep within the body to the subtle field outside of your body, it is all an interconnected ecosystem.

What Does a Sacred Womb-Heart Activation Session Look Like?

We will discuss your intentions for the session(s) and our time together. We will then take time to go over anything that is particularly up for you as of that session. I will be using touch and sound to activate and I start with the jaw area. I start there because the jaw is connected to the womb. We store a lot of tension in our jaw, and our birth stories there. I then move to the breast area which is where a lot of heart guarding and armoring exist. I then move to the abdomen and womb space. Here we store things like trauma, unconsented penetration physically and energetically, unberthed dreams, birthed dreams, etc…It can also be where we have armored and buried things, where we have swept it under the proverbial rug. Our womb is the center of our creative power and manifestation, so here we find all things that have to do with being the powerful Creatrix you are. Throat clearings can and do happen throughout the session to clear those pieces around your sacred expression. The whole session is done with great care and consent. At the end of the session, you will also have space to share about your experience and what came up for you during the session.