Rites of Passage

What are Rites of Passage?

Rites of Passage are innate to being human and have functioned as a form of cultural cohesion and individual renewal across all cultures throughout human existence. Traditionally these ceremonies are an acknowledgment of moving from one phase in life to the next in a conscious, and communal manner. At its most basic, a Rite of Passage is characterized by three stages: separation (leaving the familiar), threshold (the testing time), and reincorporation (return).

Rooted Expansion practitioners are committed to enacting Rites of Passage ceremonies that are rooted in the bare bones of ancient tradition while exploring the edges of what is needed for modern people to truly grow and develop in meaningful ways.

What does a Rites of Passage Session Look Like?

Rite of Passage Ritual work can be found throughout all of our offerings as it is the process of moving through change and transitions. You may engage in a Rite of Passage ceremony in your coaching container or during a group process. We also offer tailored 1:1 and group sessions to facilitate a specific Rites of Passage, this could be anything from a blessing way moving from maiden to mother, letting go of a particular identity, a grief tending ritual, or something completely different. We encourage creativity as we meet whatever we are navigating in our lives both individually and collectively, Rites of Passage help us consciously cross the next threshold of our lives.

May you receive support ushering you into the next threshold of your journey.