What is Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful form of support and empowerment that enables you to manifest the life you desire. Coaching is about you as a whole person: your Soul, Ego, and Spirit. Rooted Expansion practitioners walk alongside you, exploring your essence, shadow, identity, patterns, values, goals, desires, and your Calling; all in the name of returning to center and remembering the wisdom of your True Nature.

Rooted Expansion holds you as whole and complete. You have everything you need inside and we simply offer a space to reconnect to what is already there. While our coaches help you identify, define, and take steps toward goals, we do so by leaning into what is most alive in each session. The container we create together gives the structure needed so that you can venture into the unknown and explore what is ready to be seen. We will not give advice but rather ask impactful questions for you to connect with the answers that lie within. After each session, we will offer homeplay invitations for you to integrate and embody what emerged.

Rooted Expansion coaches support your unique transformational journey toward alignment, balance, love, peace, gratitude, and acceptance.

What Does a Coaching Session Look Like?

Rooted Expansion practitioners offer 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions, both in person or virtual. While each session looks different most practitioners engage in a mindfulness or centering practice to start, followed by a deepening into content and process for the session and ending with collaborative take-aways (or homeplay as we like to say). In each session you will establish a topic to deepen into, review prior sessions homeplay, and have time to reflect on what you are taking with you. We highly recommend having a notebook specific to this work so that you can return to your same notebook throughout our coaching journey together.

May you return home to yourSelf.