Gene Keys

What are Gene Keys?

The Gene Keys is a Hologenetic Map to your greatest potential and higher purpose. Combining Human Design and your Astrology chart, the Gene Keys guides you along a path of contemplation to discover your unique genius, what your relationships are available to teach you, and your own personal path to prosperity. Through the Gene Keys, you are invited to take a courageous journey of unflinching honesty to explore the shadows and challenges that characterize the human experience, and the beautiful gifts that are awaiting you on the other side of understanding.

What does a Gene Key Session Look Like?

Prior to the session, you will submit your birth date, place, and time. You will be given a copy of your Hologentic Profile for reference and reflection. Gene Key sessions are 90 minutes. 1:1 sessions start with a review of each of your spheres and keys and how they apply to your own personal shadows and gifts. The remainder of the session is spent working with this new information to explore your own personal relation to it, patterns that show up, and how you would like to utilize the key and its sphere.

May you understand, accept, and free yourSelf.