What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a powerful somatic healing modality, designed to move you out of the mind and into the body to explore greater depths of the psyche. Rooted Expansion practitioners offer a variety of breathing techniques, such as Active, Conscious & Holotropic Breathwork, which create physiological changes in the brain and body that mirror brain waves accessed in sleep and meditation. By tapping into this part of your brain in an intentional container, you are able to unlock stagnant emotions and deeply feel what arises, offering an incredibly physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing experience. Breathwork combines the transformational power of breath with intention to allow visions, emotions, sensations, sounds, or memories from the subconscious to come to the conscious surface and be integrated.

What does a Breathwork Session Look Like?

Rooted Expansion practitioners offer 1:1 and group Breathwork sessions, both in person or virtual. For virtual sessions, prepare an uninterrupted, quiet space and headphones. Bring an eye mask, yoga mat, pillow, and blanket. Individual sessions start with 45-50 minutes of guided breathing and end with 20-25 minutes of meditation and integration. Please plan time after the sessions to slow down and be still so you may receive the full benefits of this brave work.

May you release that which no longer serves you.