Death & Grief Work

What is Death Work?

Death Work brings awareness to the death and dying transition, whether it is sitting with the death of a loved one or the death of a piece of yourself, a relationship, a job, an identity. By crafting ritual and embodying the dying process we can empower ourselves to push through the veil and emerge anew on the other side.

Death Work is designed to honor grief, and there is much to grieve. No matter what or why you are grieving, it is a powerful gift to engage and allow the energy of grief to work through you. Rooted Expansion practitioners support your discovery of what is needed to stand in the force of grief and harvest its potent medicine.

What is Grief Work?

Grief Work supports you in moving the intense and sometimes life-altering energy of Grief. Perhaps you’ve experienced the death of a loved one, a difficult divorce, a job loss, or other big loss — or perhaps you feel a more general sense of grief that may be in the collective such as eco-grief. Grief work assists you in directly contacting and moving the energy of Grief so that it can clear you out for greater joy and vitality. Grief is not meant to be held alone!!

What does a Death / Grief Work Session Look Like?

Rooted Expansion practitioners offer 1:1 Death and Grief Work sessions virtually.

May you receive grief’s wisdom.