Monthly Breathwork

Sunday, July 7th, 8:30am-10:30am | Sunday, August 18th, 6:30pm-8:30pm


Session Length: 2 hours

Location: Sakala, 1660 Gilpin St, Denver, CO 80218
13 Participants Welcome
Cost: $44

About This Community Gathering

Rooted Expansion Breath & Frequency Practitioner, Ariana Luna and Cannabis-assisted Psychedelic Therapist & Breathwork Facilitator, Joe Dinardo extend their co-creation to a Monthly Breathwork series! These monthly gatherings merge somatic and cognitive practices to support transformation with deep care and witnessing.

You’re invited to join us monthly as we remember the power of breath and its ability to release stagnant energy and replenish our lifeforce.

The wisdom and impact of this gathering extends beyond our time together, as you leave with new tools you can bring into your daily practice.


Meet The Team


Cannabis-assisted Psychedelic Therapist & Breathwork Facilitator


Breath & Frequency Practitioner
May you revel in the magic of community.

Experience Healing in Community