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We Find Wholeness Together

The Magic of Community

At Rooted Expansion we offer five types of group offerings: Community Gatherings, Workshops, Courses, Groups and Curated Experiences.  There is something mystical and magical about being in a group setting, we are able to connect and integrate in a deeper way simply by being in the energetic field of a group. Each offering type provides a different access point to deepen into YOU through different modalities and the group container. Our group offerings provide portals of connection, play, fun, learning, healing, and alchemy.

Upcoming Group Offerings

Community GatheringGroup Featured

Monthly Breathwork

Session Length: 2 hours
Sunday, July 7th, 8:30am-10:30am | Sunday, August 18th, 6:30pm-8:30pm
Location: Sakala, 1660 Gilpin St, Denver, CO 80218
13 Participants Welcome
Cost: $44
A nourishing portal of transformation and support.

What Do Group Offerings Look Like?

Rooted Expansion offers opportunities to come together in community both in person and virtually.  Our Community Gatherings are one time in person events that are rich in connection and play. We offer Workshops for you to explore a particular topic or modality. If you’d like to deepen your learning beyond a one time Workshop, we offer Courses. Our Groups are very intimate and for those brave souls interested the alchemy of relational work. These groups unfold over longer periods of time and are for those who want to deepen in their knowing of Self through group process. Finally our Experiences are Rites of Passage curated to hold you in your community (blessingway, bachelorette, divorce, death/grief etc.).

May you discover the vastness and beauty of your being.

Be Supported in Community

Our community is an accelerated portal of emergence and expanded embodied consciousness.

Are You Ready?

Free 30-Minute Discovery Session

Are you ready to explore your Rooted Expansion? Schedule a discovery session with our village guide. We are here, and ready to get to know you. Our role is to match you with practitioners in the Rooted Expansion community most aligned with your personalized goals. In this 30 minute call, you will meet with our village guide, have a conversation about what brings you to Rooted Expansion, and explore the next steps in your healing journey.