Ayahuasca & Master Plant Retreat, Peru

Retreat: Sept 2-16, 2024

Location: Pacific Beach Venue, Peru
8 Participants Welcome
Cost: $4,141

About This Transformational Journey

Rooted Expansion in collaboration with True Journey is offering the opportunity to join Juana, Ute, Jenna, and Iris in Peru for a two-week highly personalized retreat in September 2024 with individual and group preparation and integration support before and after with Ute, Jenna and Bailey. We are limiting the Rooted Expansion group to 6-8 journeyers with the total group being a maximum of 15. This will be deeply moving, beautiful, intense, profound, and life changing. Our intention is for each of you to experience a deep connection with your essence and to expand into the Truth of who you are. We will be combining sacred plant medicine, ancient traditions, nature, the ocean, coaching, yoga/breathwork, mindfulness, personal and group reflection, and travel to create the perfect container for growth.
The sacredness and deep spirituality of Ayahuasca will be profound in itself, it has been used for centuries if not longer by indigenous tribes across the Amazon. This journey will activate truth and transformation creating a path of possibility and choice while honoring these ancient traditions.


This Retreat Offers:

  • Healing in a space of high integrity through potent Shipibo Medicine, Ayahuasca, Tree Diets, and medicine of the Ocean and beach.
  • Support from five experienced and dedicated beings committed to their paths: preparation with Ute, Jenna, and Bailey; the retreat with Maestra Juana, Ute, Jenna, and Iris; integration with Ute, Jenna, and Bailey.
  • A four-month long unique, intimate, and community-centric container that surrounds the highly internal two-week retreat. While your experience in Peru will not involve much interaction with your fellow travelers, you will have a chance to share, connect, and receive support from like-minded individuals who shared the experience with you before and after.
  • Two weeks of uninterrupted space for deep self-discovery and embodied change in an intensive and caring environment.

Going Within

We will go to the west coast of Peru (exact location disclosed once signing up), nestled on a private local beach to explore the depths of ourselves with the support of one of the greatest teachers of all, Ayahuasca. This 14-day retreat will have 6 Ayahuasca Ceremonies led by Maestra Juana Silvano Teco. Ute, Jenna, and Iris will be facilitating the retreat and providing preparation, processing, and integration support. Bailey will be providing stateside integration support after the retreat.
While this retreat occurs at a beach, it is no beach vacation. The venue is extremely rustic and the focus of this retreat is not comfort but rather the perfect container to go deeply within. The container is unique in that you will meet with the other participants before arriving in Peru. You will have a chance to get to know each other, be witnessed in your intentions, and create connection before descending into yourSelf. You will be held stateside by two facilitators, Jenna and Bailey. Once we arrive in Peru, you will likely be in silence and/or isolation for most of the two weeks coming together in silence for the 6 ceremonies with your fellow travelers and the 6 movement/yoga/breathwork classes with Iris. Maestra Juana will perform energy and healing work with the ayahuasca drawing upon her lineage and extensive dedication to this path. If you choose to diet as well, Juana will also work with your energetic body to align the energy of the tree in your system. Ute will be the primary facilitator during ceremony and both Jenna and Ute will be available during the day for additional support. When you travel home, you will be held by the group as a whole and also receive 1:1 integration support from Bailey, Ute, and Jenna.

Meet The Rooted Expansion Team


Co-Steward, Intuitive Coach, Guide, Doula, & Facilitator


Co-Steward, Coach, & Village Guide

Ute and Jenna

Jenna and Ute met in 2018 while working at the Temple of the Way of Light, an Ayahuasca Retreat Center in the Amazon Jungle of Peru. They immediately hit it off and had amazing synergy. Ute and Jenna knew this was just the beginning. Fast forward to 2021, Jenna and Ute ran into each other on a beach in Costa Rica (after Jenna had journaled days before about wanting to collaborate with Ute). It felt like fate! After that encounter, Ute and Jenna partnered and organized their first Ayahuasca collaboration in the jungles of Peru. Jenna brought down a group in 2022 which led to another collaboration in 2023 between Ute and some of the retreat participants. Jenna and Ute are excited to partner again in 2024. Ute is an incredible being who has dedicated herself to learning and studying through long-term Masterplant Dietas with a well-known and respected traditional Shipibo Healer Lineage in the Ucayali region in the Peruvian Amazon. She has worked directly with Juana for years and sees herself as a bridge between ancestral wisdom and Western understanding of life. To learn more about Ute’s experience and work, please visit her website: True Journey.


    • Intention Setting Questionnaire
    • 1 individual coaching/prep session with Jenna
    • 2 individual coaching/prep sessions with Ute
    • 2 group prep sessions with Ute, Jenna and Bailey exploring what to expect and intentions
    • 3 True Journey ebooks: Preparation, Masterplant Retreat, and Preparation
    • Preparation Checklist & Timeline, including:
      • List of items to bring
      • Airport to fly into and meet up point information
      • Travel insurance options
      • Physical preparation
      • Emotional/Spiritual preparation

Ayahuasca Retreat:

  • Accommodation for 14 nights in private bungalow and shared bathroom
  • Drinking water
  • Ayahuasca Talk/Prep Session
  • 6 Ayahuasca Ceremonies with Juana, an experienced Shipibo Shaman, Ute as the primary facilitator, and Iris and Jenna as the supporting facilitators
  • 1 plant for optional Dieta
  • 1:1 process work with Ute and Jenna during the diet & retreat
  • Opening and closing group sharing circles
  • 6 yoga/movement/breathwork classes with Iris
  • Translation support during the retreat (Spanish, English, German, French)
  • Mapacho for the 10 days (jungle tobacco)
  • Aqua Florida
  • Plant & flower bathes
  • 4 Massages with Healer
  • Last day: class/talk about integration


  • 3 individual integration sessions once you return home; one with Ute, Jenna and Bailey
  • 3 group integration sessions once back home
  • Add Ons:
    • Additional Integration Support through 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Bailey, Jenna or Ute
If you feel called to join, we would be so honored to walk with you on your path. There is something so special waiting to be unlocked for you. Just waiting to emerge. And by choosing to come on this journey, you chose to receive the gift that is there, to receive.  Ute, Juana, Jenna, Bailey and Iris will support on this journey, helping you to open to the awe that is already inside you. We will walk into the darkness with you and find the light together.

The following is *NOT* included:

  • Flights to Peru/Tumbes
  • Transport from the airport to the venue, return to the airport
  • The Maestra will put on a market showcasing their Art and handmade offerings. Please bring soles if you’d like to purchase anything.
  • Meals/juices/coconuts are not included in the retreat price.
  • There are vegan/vegetarian/chicken/fish and gluten-free options available (all respecting dieta restrictions). You can have up to 2x meals every day during your dieta (sama). Ute will advise on fasting and meal intake during the retreat. For all the meals you choose to eat, you will pay in cash (soles) at the end of the retreat. For budgeting purposes please note that a full meal is 35 soles which when this post was published is around $9.
  • Travel insurance
  • Flight cancellation insurance
  • Hotel / Accommodation before or after the retreat
  • Additional coaching sessions for preparation and/or integration
May you call upon courage in the descent into wholeness.

Pictures from the Beach Venue